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Spring 2020


  • Living Out Their Faith and Love for the Church
  • Why Have an Estate Plan?
  • The Most Important Lists You'll Ever Make
  • If You've Already Made Your Will...

Fall 2019


  • Year-End Is a Good Time to Review Your Giving Plan
  • Using Your IRA for Charitable Giving
  • Make the Most of Your Gifts to the Church
  • Four Popular Ways to Leave a Legacy

Spring 2019


  • ’It Was Always Giving Back, Not Giving’
  • Plan Today for Possibilities Tomorrow
  • It’s Easier Than You Think
  • An Estate Planning Checklist

Fall 2018


  • Solid Plans Lead to a Stable Future
  • Ready, Set, Start!
  • Make Gifts With Your IRA
  • Are Your Plans Keeping Up With You?

Spring 2018


  • Gauthiers Leave Lasting Legacy for Catholic Education
  • Will the New Tax Law Change the Way You Give?
  • Reviewing Your Plans in Times of Change
  • Time for a Checkup?